– Products That Will Change Your Life –

These products will change your life!

They will allow you to again pursue all the activities that you loved to do.

1. The Phoenix Program

– Rise up and regain contol of your life –

Do you have to limit yourself daily?

Do you wonder how it would feel if you were able to do what you want to do? Without being in pain, without being scared of the next flare.

This is what the Phoenix Program will help you to achieve. Long term relief!

You will get your life back, no matter if you suffered for 6 months or for 20+ years.

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2. Trigger Point Course

– Learn to treat your triggers –

Trigger point self-treatment is highly effective, but you need to know how to do it.

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3. The Trigger Fairy

– Simply the Best Neck Massager –

The Trigger Fairy is desinged for self-massage applications in the neck and shoulder region.

In the last few years I used to massage my neck and shoulders either with my fingers or a massage ball.

This felt good and was quite effective, but I was never completely satisfied with the results. With the Trigger Fairy I am finally able to work my neck and shoulders in a super effective way – without twisting myself or straining my hands!

This is a huge plus, at least for me!

Just take a look at the Trigger Fairy and tell me what you think of it. I am curious about what you have to say.

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4. The Cork Massage Ball

– The Most Natural Massage Ball –

The cork massage ball is an alternative to the common balls, which are usually made of “rubber materials”.

It is made out of cork, which is a natural product itself. Furthermore the ball is very light and does not slip on any surface.

I personally love the feeling of that ball, especially if I place it on my bare skin. I just know that I do not expose myself to potencially toxic materials.

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5. My e-Book

  • No e-Book reader needed!

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