Shoulder pain – Overview & self-treatment

Shoulder pain is a complex issue and those affected often suffer from it for months or even years.

As one gets older, this pain is often due to wear and tear of the rotator cuff and/or “calcification”.

For most young people, however, and even those who are older, tense muscles and trigger points in the chest and shoulder region can be the cause and a decisive factor for the pain.

This you can usually eliminate yourself with a self-massage and a specific strengthening programme for the shoulder.

On this site, I cover three very common pain issues affecting the shoulder.

  • Pain under the shoulder blade
  • Pain on the shoulder blade and on the back of the shoulder
  • Pain in the front area of the shoulder

For each of these areas, you will find detailed self-massage instructions at the bottom of the page, which also describes the potentially problem-causing muscles.

From the above, it goes without saying that these instructions are for self-treatment of pain that is of muscular origin.

However, it should be noted that a self-massage after shoulder injuries, e.g. rotator cuff tears, acromioclavicular joint sprain, etc. can be helpful in many cases, since the surrounding muscles are usually too tense and have trigger points due to the trauma.

The result is that pain and restrictions in movement often remain, even after the initial injury has healed.