Elbow Pain – Overview and Self-treatment

So far, I have written four specific articles about the self-treatment of elbow pain. The main focus of these articles on elbow pain was that of a muscular origin.

In fact, pain in this joint is usually caused by an overexertion of the muscles. As such, it can usually be eased or alleviated by treating those muscles.

The method of choice is a self-massage, which can relieve and eliminate excessive tension and hardening of the muscles.

Weight training and stretching exercises are extremely important supplementary measures, but must be performed with caution and must not be allowed to exacerbate the pain.

Only an appropriate, measured amount of exercise should be carried out for it to be beneficial to you.

The first step is the self-massage. And although you might be hardly or not at all familiar with it, it is one of the most important elements in the process of muscular rehabilitation.

In the following articles, I will guide you through the massage of various regions of the body and muscles likely to be the cause of the actual problem or the particular pain. We will cover these in a brief yet comprehensive way.

Should you feel the need to delve deeper into the material, you can do that as well. In the following articles, you will learn the location and relevance of all of the muscles in every area to be massaged.

When you click on them, you will get more detailed information about each particular muscle. This information will deepen your understanding of why certain muscles cause “problems”.