Part I: Module I

Video: 28:00 minutes

Trigger Points
  • Guidelines to treat trigger points
  • How long to treat trigger points
  • How often to treat trigger points
  • How intense to treat trigger points
  • What to do if pain aggravates

Part I: Module II

Video: 34:00 minutes

  • How to stretch
  • How long to stretch
  • How often to stretch
  • When to stretch
  • When not to stretch

Part I: Module III

Video: 6:00 minutes

  • Three effective techniques to deactive trigger points
  • Ischemic compression
  • Precise rolling motions
  • Press and move technique

Part II

Things to consider
  • Why many treatments fail.
  • Why trigger points are the first step.
  • Trigger points and their relationship to chronic pain.
  • Trigger points and their relationship to other diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Why trigger points cause (muscle) weakness.
  • Trigger points and their relationship to mobilty.

What this course is about

If you are new to the concept of self-treatment you might be very enthusiastic, for good reason. Still, first questions usually arise soon, and I am here to answer these questions for you.

In this free online course, I will guide you step by step through the fundamentals of a self-treatment. I split the course into two parts.

Part 1 consists of three video modules with a runtime of over an hour. It covers all the How To´s, Dos and Don´ts of a self-treatment.

Part 2 will be delivered in form of a short e-mail sequence and deals with more specific, yet important and frequently asked questions.

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