Life After Pain Trigger Point Course

The course that I would have loved to create myself

Attention: This is a very long page.

But if you suffer from pain, or even chronic pain, you might want to read this!

I am honest. This very page and therapy here could change your life. It has changed mine 10 years ago!

I want to inform you as well as possible. So I packed everything in this page you need to know.

I broke this site down into different sections, so you don´t have to read it all but rather jump to the part that interests you the most.  The table of contents is just to your left! Enjoy!

Now, if you don´t even have time for that, then just scroll to the bottom of this page, where you can sign up for a Free Trigger Point Course.

It is a great start if you feel lost with your pain and want to learn about the first steps towards a pain free life.

If you have some time and are in pain, or even in chronic pain, then really stay with me! I am about to present you something that will change your life: Forever and for the better.

I know, that sounds like hype, but if you know me, my website and my videos just a little bit, then you know that I am not the hype person. Not even a bit.

No hype – that´s my promise!

OK, I want to see what Dr. Kuttner has to offer!

All here is down to earth, true, realistic and just there for you. I am here for you, to help you.

That´s the purpose of this website.

So you can imagine how excited I must be to write such lines!

And this is why I am so happy that you are on this very specific site right now.

Because I can finally offer you a solution that so many of you have been asking for, a solution that I always wanted to provide you with, but was never able to because of my time limitations.

So what is that solution?

It is a course on trigger points and on chronic pain relief.

As I said, I wanted to create such a course myself, with all the knowledge I have, but I never made it because I am so busy working on my German site.

And then like a miracle (no, I am not exaggerating) Dr. Jonathan Kuttner and his daughter Naomi Kuttner “popped” into my life, and just a week later we joined forces.

But that should be enough of the story. I am now going to lay out what this is all about.

This course will change your life!

Now I want to know more!

Dr. Kuttner and his daughter (you can see them in the pictures) created a course that will help you to relieve your pain.

What I am going to do is the following:

  • First and foremost I will tell you for whom this course is created for. After all, what´s the point reading this site, if you won´t benefit from the course, right?
  • Then I will list the features and benefits of the course so you know what´s in for you. And of course I will tell you what kind of pains can be treated with this course.
  • Then I will explain you why I am promoting this course, because that might be of great interest to some of you.
  • Afterwards I would like to introduce Dr. Kuttner a bit more to you, and explain what I like about him (which of course overlaps with the topic why I promote the course).

I do all this, so it becomes crystal clear to you what I am doing here, and why I recommend that you sign up for his course.

Let´s get started

1. Whom is this course for?

In a nutshell, this course is for people that want to get their life back, once and for all.

I am now going to ask you a series of easy questions. For every yes you answer, this course becomes more relevant and better suited for you.

  • Is your pain robbing your joy of life? Is it on your mind 24/7?
  • Are you tired of false promises and quick fix scams?
  • Do you have enough of taking drugs that just dull your mind?
  • Did you realize that drugs only tackle the symptom, but never the cause of your pain?

These are the foundation questions, but now let´s move on to more questions that are also very important.

  • Do you want to start taking care of yourself (with an excellent doctor at your side)?
  • Do you want solutions that actually work?
  • Do you want to get lasting results?
  • Do you want to get fit again, safely (even if it that just means to you participating again in normal daily life!)

In short: Do you want your life back?

Of course you do. Sorry for answering that question  for you, but that´s the truth, isn´t it?

Everyone I know in pain just wants to get out of it and back to normal life.

But if you aren’t ready to take your treatment into your own hands, then this course is not for you, unfortunately.

There is no reason to read any further. You´ll just be disappointed and I would waste your time.

In order to stay honest I have to say that.

It´s not a quick fix, and it will take some effort of yours.

It’s true in life, and it’s true here: The things that take some effort are the ones that provide you with real results and joy in the long run – and that is what I recommend striving for.

Don´t be scared or put off by that!

I was in chronic pain myself, and I got out of it. Simply by applying the info you will get in this course.

There is no reason why you should not be able to achieve similar results!

2. What kind of pain can be treated with this course?

Trigger points and tensions are said to be responsible for almost 90% of your common daily pains and contribute massively to most chronic pain states.

The course provides you with solutions of all kinds of pain in the following regions:

  • Head & Neck Pain
  • Jaw Pain & CMD
  • Shoulder & Upper Back Pain
  • Chest & Abdominal Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Forearm Pain
  • Hand Pain
  • Lower Back & Pelvis Pain
  • Thigh Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Calf & Foot Pain

3. Why do I promote this course?

As I said in the beginning, I would have loved to create a create an all-inclusive course for people just like you.

People who were like me 15 years ago: Desperately searching for a solution and relief from the pain that was robbing me of my joy in life. Trying to stop the pain that kept coming back again and again.

I got myself out of pain, and I know a process how to get most people out of pain, because I now understand the underlying mechanisms that initiate and perpetuate pain.

And no, it´s not osteoarthritis or herniated discs. It´s something you can actually fix yourself.

I did set out to create a course with those processes, but…

I soon discovered that I could not do this on my own

But I soon discovered that being a one man show I could not do this on my own.

I am self employed and my business was in the very starting phase so I had to concentrate on growing the German site where I could communicate in my native tongue.

So creating a course like this is was a task that I did shy away from and that I could not have completed, as much as I would have loved to.

As I said, there was just not enough time (I am running a German website full time plus another business, so you might be able to imagine my schedule).

But then I met Dr. Kuttner and his daughter, and we immediately realized that we were actually trying to do the very same things, using the very same knowledge an tools.

They told me what they had to offer for their clients and I had a look at it.

After a few minutes I was totally blown away

After a few minutes I was totally blown away. How could that possibly be?

There were two persons on the other side of the planet providing everything I always wanted to share in my courses.

I mean literally everything.

I always wanted to tell people like you, how to treat trigger points and why they are responsible for 90% of all pains.

I wanted to explain you the mind body connection, and what powerful impact it has on your body, your muscles, and thus on your pain experience.

I wanted to incorporate breathing and relaxation exercises in my course, and teach you how breathing has a tremendous effect on your nervous system and how “wrong” and paradoxical breathing is for many people an unrecognized perpetuator of pain.

And there it was, right in front of my eyes!

And then I was sitting there, and it was all right in front of my eyes. Already done by another great human being.

A person that felt the same way I do, and had a genuine desire to serve, a genuine desire to help.

How in the world could I not want to cooperate with a person like that?

While writing these lines I really feel the strong and positive impact that my recommendation for this course can have on your life, and how much I resonate with the work that Dr. Kuttner does!

So that´s it.

That´s why I recommend this course to you. I hope you are able to realize that these words are genuine and are coming from my heart.

Still: To be completely upfront with you:

Of course I earn a commission when you purchase his course, but at no extra cost to you.

  • Furthermore I would never promote a product that I am not completely convinced of.
  • If you have questions, please let me know, and I will answer them in the FAQ section.
  • Again, I am here to serve you and would like to rule out every single doubt you have. So feel free to contact me.
  • I want you to feel really good when you purchase this course. So keep the questions coming!

What´s in for you?

4. Features of the course

Dr. Kuttners course is packed with valuable trustworthy information.

There is so much included.  That´s why I will just sum it up real quick for you.

Here are the key elements of the course:

  • 10 Step Guide for a Life After Pain
  • Trigger Point Finder
  • More than 100 Trigger Point Videos

4.1 Step by step guide

You might think this is something that you can take for granted, and I also think it should be.

Unfortunately it´s not.

Many courses come with tons of info that leaves you just puzzled and overwhelmed.

Luckily that´s not the case here.

Dr. Kuttner provides you with an easy to follow 10 step process on how to use his course and absorb the info he is providing. Really good.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What trigger points are
  • How to find trigger points
  • How and how often to treat trigger points
  • How to get fit again, safely

Beside this important key info, you will learn:

  • What to do if your whole body is in pain and feels just like a single trigger point.
  • How to stretch without aggravating your pain.
  • Breathing exercises that will support your self-treatment.
  • How posture can affect muscular imbalances
  • What to watch out for when doing core exercises

4.2 Trigger Point Finder

Click on a 3D body to choose the area where it hurts and immediately see which muscles can cause your pain?

That would be cool, wouldn´t it?

And that´s exactly what Dr. Kuttner and his daughter have done. They created a 3D application that lets you do this.

It´s amazingly simple and fast to use. I could not have done it better.

4.3 Trigger Point Videos

In the course you will find multiple videos for every single trigger point. All in all there are way more than 100 videos waiting for you.

In these videos Dr. Kuttner will teach you how to find each specific muscle and its trigger point, and of course how to treat it yourself.

That´s really cool because you can directly see on a real person how and where you have to place your hands in order to treat a specific muscle and trigger point.

It´s just the best medium to teach it, at least in my opinion. Only one on one training in real life is better.

But that is out of reach for most people as they had to travel far distances, and then they only have a certain number of sessions.

Also they cannot replay a session. With a video you can exactly do that, you can play it over and over again, as often as you like.

Now that you know all that, who is Dr. Kuttner?

5. Who is Dr. Kuttner?

Dr. Kuttner is a New Zealand based physician, who has specialized in the treatment of chronic pain.

He looks back on over 30 years of experience in getting people out of pain.

What sets him aside, in my opinion, from other professionals is that he has an extensive experience himself with chronic pain.

Some years ago he almost died in a hang-gliding accident.

This lead to 7 years of lower back pain, which was a turning point in his life and for the way he sees, understands and treats pain.

His goal is to empower people to help themselves and get lasting result, to get their lives back.

I really feel he is on the same page as I am, and that is wonderful!

6. What I like about Dr. Kuttner

In the chapter “Why I promote his course”, I explained why I recommend his course.

Here I would like to leave a few comments on why I like the person behind the course, and to me this is very important.

I could not speak out my recommendation if I did not like the person behind the course.

Being humble and down to earth is something I really appreciate in people, especially in professionals who would get away being arrogant.

And that´s the case here. This guy really is down to earth and will not talk down on you or at you, but rather with you.

You will feel like a having close friend next to you. A person that absolutely understands what you are going through and knows your pains.

A person that is there for you with every step on your journey to a pain free life.

Just with one major difference: This one is a professionally trained physician, specialized in treating chronic pain, with an extensive personal experience of that kind of pain.

What could you ask more for?

Last but not least, there is no hype, no false promises, and that again is key to me!

I hate hype as well as scams.

Sure, the course sounds great and you can get amazing results, but you have to take action yourself.

So I was glad to see that he is not promoting his course in a way I could not fully and genuinely support.

Sidenote: I found it so interesting to hear that Dr. Kuttner had a hanggliding crash, as I myself am a paragliding pilot.

So I was amazed that we not only are one the same page when it comes to pain treatment, but also when it comes to other interests.

It´s strange or funny, or how you want to call it, how life plays out sometimes.

7. Signing up for the course

Here you can sign up for the course.

This link will take you to Dr. Kuttners website, where you will find his own description of the course.

If you have trust in me and know already enough, you can skip that and just sign up.

Otherwise just read his description too. I just thought it´s a good idea to give you my own spin on his course.

Anyway, there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which I find amazing.

I mean 60 days! That are two full months where you can test the course.

And if you don´t like it, you can just get a refund, quick and easy.

As you can see, nobody is here to push you. Still, in order to know if this course works for you, you need to try it.

You can just sign up and then test it all for yourself, knowing that you get every penny back if you are not 100% satisfied!

I really like that, and it gives me even more confidence in promoting the course.

8. Here you can sign up for the Free Trigger Point Course

As I said in the beginning, I offer a Free Trigger Point Course, also in collaboration with Dr. Kuttner.

This free course is right for you if…

  • … you feel lost and have no more idea what to do to relieve your pain.
  • … you want to know what´s the most common cause of over 90% of all muscle and joint pains (hint: It´s not osteoarthritis!)
  • … you want to get familiar with our work.
  • … you want to learn how to switch off trigger points – forever.
  • … you want to take responsibility and tackle your pains yourself!

Sign up for the Free Version of the course