What’s the Life After Pain Club?

This is something I recommend anyone to sign up for who has already got the trigger point course and really wants to take their self treatment to the next level.

Very soon I will describe the club in great detail.

Until then, this is how it works:

  • The Life After Pain Club is a membership site, and helps you to get you out of difficult chronic pain states.
  • Every month, you can ask any question you have – and get a specially recorded answer. (The only other way to do this – book three months ahead at his clinic and fly to New Zealand)…
  • Get access to an exclusive library of video & audios.(Topics from the secrets to effortless sleep – how to build core strength and mobility – at any age)…
  • Join the Life After Pain Community. (Follow the 21 Day habits to stop chronic pain course – and get support from fellow club members)…

A really unique offer

Learn more about the club here …

Do you have concerns?

If you have any concerns about Dr. Kuttners or my work, I can understand that. After all the internet is full of scams.

To see if Dr. Kuttners and my work resonates with you, you can sign up for our Free Trigger Point Course.

We will guide you through a video series on trigger points and provide you with a short trigger point manual.

After this course, you will know if this kind of self treatment is for you or not.

It comes at no risk for you.

Just sign up via the form below and we can get started. I promise you that this course has some real value and might be just what you need to get started on your journey to a life after pain.