The Phoenix Program

If you are in chronic pain, please take the time to watch this video until the end. It could change everything for you!

Before I will tell you about the Phoenix Program and what it can do for you, I need to tell you about Dr. Jonathan and Naomi Kuttner, as they are the creators of this program.

I work closely together with Jonathan and Naomi and refer many of my readers to them. The reason for this is simple and twofold:

  • 1st. I don´t have the time to serve ALL my readers and provide my own programs in different languages (my main site is German) – as much as I would love to.
  • 2nd. Jonathan and Naomi teach pretty much the same as I do and I could not do it better. I am very grateful to got known to them and to be able to share their work through mine.

But now let´s cut straight to the chase.

Jonathan and Naomi offer a program to relieve chronic pain for good.

It is called the Phoenix Program.

This program gives you the opportunity to work with Jonathan and Naomi online to relieve your chronic pain.

The results they achieve are simply outstanding, to say the least.

People who think their life is “over” find relief in a relatively short period of time – usually within several months.

  • A guy with Multiple sclerosis was in pain even when putting a blanket over his feet. A few months into the program he managed to go skiing again with his family.

Jonathan achieves results like this by doing mainly two things:

  • 1st. He educates you on pain. In my opinion a vital and necessary step if you want to get out of pain. You need to understand and know what perpetuates your pain in order to relieve it.
  • 2nd. He teaches neuro-mind techniques that will help you to “turn down” your overly excited and stressed pain system and thus to alleviate your pain.

But the program is not for everyone, nor is everyone “allowed” to join.

If you want to know more, and if it could be a fit for you, just hang on. I will try to explain it.

Why is the program not for everyone?

Because many people, no matter if in pain or not, are simply not willing to put in the work needed to get better or to achieve the things they want!

This is why I will not recommend this course to you if you shy away from doing simple exercises on a daily basis.

Having said that, let´s turn to the question why not everyone is allowed to join the program?

OK, this is not 100% true. Basically everyone that is serious about getting better can join.

But you have to be serious about it! There is a simple onboarding process when you want to join. You just have to take a few simple but important steps upfront.

This way Jonathan and Naomi can filter out people that are not really willing to take action.

Jonathan and Naomi pour all their heart and knowledge into the Phoenix program and there is a community of so many helpful people, all highly experienced with chronic pain (as all did suffer from it). It would be a shame to let anyone in there that would not be serious about improving their pain and thus their life. But now I am getting ahead of myself.

Currently Jonathan and Naomi offer a 45 minute long free Discovery Call for everyone that is really interested their program. This call comes at no cost and is meant to clarify if you are a fit for the program and if it can really help you.

Together with you they will and asses your situation and will give you a honest opinion on if they can help you.

Before the actual call you are asked to fill out a rather comprehensive questionnaire in order to help Jonathan and Naomi preparing for the call.

Once you have answered it you will be able to book the Discovery Call and talk to Naomi. She is a pain specialist too and will help answering all your questions on what steps to take next to get you out of pain.

Jonathan and Naomi created this onboarding process in order to keep the program full with action takers and people who really want to get control over their pain.

I like this process a lot because it just shows how committed they are to help you. And it shows that they are not in there simply for the money.

They invest a lot of their valuable time upfront without charging anything to ensure everyone gets the most out of their program.

I can identify with that so strongly, I like that so much, and it is one of the many reasons I work together with these two genuine humans.

If you are in chronic pain and want your life back but haven´t filled out that questionnaire and haven´t booked that call yet, then I would like to encourage you to do so now.

Now is the time. Use your momentum and your desire for change you have right now while reading this, and steer your life in a new, better and more enjoyable direction.

Do yourself this favor. You will not regret it, I promise – that´s what I stand for with my word.

One last thing to be aware of. As Naomi does these calls really by herself, it is obvious that the resources are limited as she can only do so many calls per day.

Currently there are close to ten thousand people visiting my site daily, and to be honest, I do not know how long they will be able to offer these calls for free.

If you have any questions concerning the Phoenix Program or concerning this call, just let me know and write me an e-Mail. I am happy to help you out.

Otherwise just go over to their site and fill out the questionnaire.