Trigger points can lead to (pseudo) muscle weakness and loss of strength

Did you know that trigger points can weaken your muscles?

Trigger points are often located where nerve endings enter the muscle. In other words, at the place where the muscle is controlled by and connected to the nervous system.

If trigger points are active, they disturb the nervous system and thus possibly also muscle and motor control.

This is probably one of the reasons why they can affect the coordination of a muscle and thus lead to a pseudo muscle weakness.

However, the muscle in question is not too weak, but “only” cannot be controlled/activated properly.

In addition, trigger points also often lead to painful movements.

This, together with the disturbed ability to contract, usually leads to protective movement patterns and “unnatural” movement sequences, respectively.

The muscle in question is less stressed and the necessary stimuli to maintain its strength are absent.

Other muscles, on the other hand, are overloaded by these patterns and might develop trigger points.

The muscles that are not or not enough stressed “actually get weaker during time” and the pseudo muscle weakness turns into a “real” muscle weakness. This is because the necessary stimuli that the muscle needs to maintain “its strength” are absent.

If trigger points get deactivated, which is possible through a self-treatment, then not only the pain during motion but also the weakness usually disappears.

Strength and control will return, and you can begin to live normally again.

Perhaps this short article will help you to better understand your pain, symptoms or movement restrictions.

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