Trigger points are not the whole truth, but a first step

When I was in pain everyone wanted to help me somehow and had something to offer.

After an odyssey of visits at various physicians and manual therapists, I was very disappointed and frustrated – to say the least.

I felt left alone and thought: “It can’t be that nobody can help me! It can’t be that complicated, can it?”

Be sceptic

My skepticism towards “new” therapies, therapists and exercises grew, and I did not want to spend any more money only to be disappointed again.

After all the years, I do not believe that there is ONE solution for all problems – although it would be great.

The flood of information on the internet is enormous. Many people have something to say, something to offer, and think they know things better than everyone else. Some even think they know everything.

OMG, when in your life has something like this ever happened to you? When did you meet someone who had the solution to all your problems or the right answer to all your questions?

There is no such thing as the one solution to all pains

I cannot offer you the solution to all your problems, and trigger points are not the whole truth! But I think they are the first steps, maybe even the most important ones.

With a trigger point self-treatment, you eliminate a factor in your body that can cause a lot of pain, restrict movement, and prevent you from doing sports and exercises. Why that is, I explain in my overview article on trigger points.

Many pains can be completely relieved through a trigger point self-treatment. If pain can “only” be alleviated, then there are usually other triggers and sources for pain.

In addition, you can combine a trigger point self-treatment with other therapies and approaches for pain management, and often even support them.

A combination with manual or passive approaches like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Somatics, heat & cold, Shock Wave Therapy, etc. is in my opinion possible without any problems.

But also, a combination with active methods like Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates, Gymnastics, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training etc. is possible. Especially with these methods, a trigger point self-treatment can help to achieve faster relief. It helps to relieve pain and movement restrictions which are not or not sufficiently addressed by the methods mentioned above.

Maybe this will encourage you even more to get started with your very own self-treatment.

If you want to dive deeper and start treating yourself, then you might be interested in my Trigger Point eBooks. With these eBooks, help will be always right at your fingertips.

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