Trigger Fairy Neck Massager – relaxed head & neck muscles

The Trigger Fairy is a myofascial release tool that helps you relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

For many of us, this area is constantly tense and often causes great discomfort.

Such tension often manifests itself as trigger points.

Trigger points in the neck, the nape of the neck and shoulders are mainly due to stress and “bad” posture.

They not only cause tension in those areas, but can also trigger head, neck, shoulder and arm pain [1,2].

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Trigger points can also interfere with the pull of the tendons and affect the tension of your fascia.

Not only can they cause pain, they can also throw off your body’s balance.

You can loosen trigger points and relieve the pain caused by them by doing a self-massage.

Of course, this only applies if the pain is caused by the muscles.

To do a self-massage, you will need a suitable massager.

1. Ideal for the neck and nape of the neck

I have used either my fingers or a lacrosse ball to work on trigger points in my neck and nape for the past few year, but have never been 100% satisfied.

  • When I used my fingers I had trouble “letting go” and relaxing during the massage.
  • With my massage balls I couldn’t get through to the very small muscles—massage balls are just too big for this.

With Trigger Fairy I do not have these issues any longer

  • With the Fairy I can massage myself without getting tense or straining my fingers, and…
  • …thanks to its small massage head, I can precisely massage even the tiniest spots in my neck muscles.

2. This is what like about the Trigger Fairy

The heart and soul behind the Trigger Fairy was to help other people—that is why it was created!

This is something I noticed in my numerous conversations with Daniela Trinkl, who developed the trigger Fairy.

And that’s not all…there is so much more about this neck massager to like:

The Trigger Fairy fits in almost all handbags and in every backpack. You can take it with you everywhere, whether to the office or on trips.

It weighs a mere 130g—as much as an iPhone, making it a real lightweight. Despite its light weight, it is very stable, was tested by a German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and will make your self-massages that much easier for a long time.

3. The Trigger Fairy Neck Massager in comparison

What makes the Fairy different from a massage ball and other neck and back massagers?

I will show you exactly why in the following sections.

3.1 The Fairy vs. a massage ball

You already have a massage ball; so, is it worth it to get a Trigger Fairy? In my opinion, YES!

The Fairy and a ball actually complement each other well.

With a massage ball, you can massage nearly every part of your body.

However, it is not as convenient or can even be impossible to use in the chest area, the nape of the neck and neck area.

The chest area can be massaged with a ball, but you have to lean against a wall and do a bit of “gymnastics”.

What’s more, you will not be able to reach the deep fibres of the subclavian and pectoralis minor muscles.

A massage ball is simply too big for this.

Both of these muscles, however, often contribute to arm and shoulder pain, which is why they should be given a closer look.

You can massage the nape of your neck with a ball, but it will be a superficial massage and not very precise.

In the area of the lateral and anterior neck the massage ball is of no use.

With the Trigger Fairy neck massager you will have no problem in this area.

3.2 The Trigger Fairy vs. the Body Back Buddy

These two massagers differ in their area of application, size, weight, portability and design!

In my opinion, the Body Back Buddy is the best massage tool for the lower back.

For the nape of the neck, upper back or even the neck it is not so great.

In my opinion, it is simply too big and too hard for these areas. That is just my opinion though; your method of use or experience may differ from mine.

The fact that it is bigger also means that it is heavier.

It weighs 4 times that of the Trigger Fairy and doesn’t fits in a handbag or even a backpack. That’s means it is not easily transportable on a daily basis.

In terms of its design, that is a question of taste. You should decide which product you find more appealing.

That said, if you are looking for a massage tool for your lower back, then the Body Back Buddy is what I would recommend.

On the other hand, if you have tension in the nape of the neck and shoulders, then I would advise you to check out the Trigger Fairy.

4. Trigger Fairy Neck Massager – worldwide shipping

Here you can order the TriggerFairy directly at the companies store.

Trigger Fairy worldwide shipping

  • Worldwide shipping, no matter where you live!
  • Ships in 5 – 7 business days.

For UK Customers

UK customers have a second option. You can order the Trigger Fairy at the companies store (link above) or at Amazon UK. Amazon does NOT ship outside of the UK.

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  • [2] Simons, David G., Lois S. Simons, and Janet G. Travell. Travell & Simons’ Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual. Baltimore, MD: Williams & Wilkins, 1999. Print.