Table of contents

Solutions for pain, movement impairments & (inexplicable) symptoms



  • Shin Pain


  • Drop Foot / weakness in dorsiflexion



  • Calf Pain

Movement Impairments & Painful Movements

  • Calf Pain during walking


  • Calf Cramps

Heel, Achilles Tendon, Ankle & Foot


  • Heel Pain & Achilles Tendon Pain
  • Lateral Ankle Pain / pain at the outer ankle
  • Pain at the dorsum of the foot / Front Ankle Pain


  • Burning feet
  • Instability at the ankle joint

Jane Moore, Park City, Utah, USA

I recently purchased several of your eBooks because of their depth and clarity, not only throughout the text, but in the many photos and illustrations.

You first helped me when I was looking for a solution to an acute lower-back/hip/walking-pain problem.

With your guidance, I discovered what was going on and how to correct it, and I cannot thank you enough!

Three step solution for Shin, Calf, Ankle, Heel & Foot Pain

Below I will show you how easy and fast you can help yourself with my eBook.

  • 1. Choose your pain
  • 2. Identify potentially responsible muscles and trigger points
  • 3. Treat these muscles and trigger points

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